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Hale’s family of modules offer pre-engineered solutions that afford both the end user and the OEM the benefits of a family of products that were designed to work together. Using state of the art CAD systems, module designs are clean, compact and cost effective. Modules are designed to help reduce manufacturing and engineering time while eliminating the unknown cost associated with internal pump house builds.


• Can be ordered as a pump kit which includes everything needed to make a module besides the panel and module body
• Standard configurations that are the same time after time for uniformity. This also promotes standard operating procedures for personnel training on multiple apparatus
• Having only one source for part inventory of the pump house saves maintenance personnel time
• Designed to be NFPA compliant
• Excellent field tested ergonomics
• Module pre-tested electrically and hydrostatically
• Side and Top Mount versions
• PTO and Midship applications
• Available foam and CAFS options
• SafeBuy configurations of our Qmax, Qtwo, and Qmax-XS are offered with an 8 year pump warranty. The SafeBuy configuration is a system of critical components that have been engineered to work together.


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