The SmartCONNECT Module has four methods of communication with the ES-Key™ and J1939 CAN networks on your vehicle. Local wireless, wireless over the internet, LAN and USB connections allow you to perform all ES-Key™ Professional software functions as well as run chassis diagnostics for the engine, transmission and ABS systems. Class1 engineers designed the SmartCONNECT Module to be backward compatible with any existing ES-Key™ system so that current ES-Key customers can take advantage of the newly available connectivity options.

With SmartCONNECT there are no physical connection requirements. A user can simply log on to the vehicle using a wireless connection locally or over the internet. It allows real time bi-directional communication with the vehicle. Not only can you receive all ES-Key™ electrical system data and chassis related CAN messages, you can send CAN messages to the vehicle as well. It gives you the ability to upload or download ES-Key™ program files and perform all other diagnostics that were formerly featured in the “dial up” modem.


SmartCONNECT allows up to 4 home networks to be set up to ensure smooth communication to and from the vehicle is never too far away. It can be used in conjunction with a property conjured cellular “hot spot” to maintain connectivity (in areas of good coverage). When wireless is unavailable SmartCONNECT is there. With its USB and LAN connections you always have a way to connect.


Voltage Range+9VDC…+32VDC
Power Consumption• Logic supply+ input (pin 1 of 12-pin connector) @13.8VDC: 500mA @27.6VDC: 350mA
Temperature Range-40ºC…+85ºC
Environmental RangeIP 31
CAN SpecificationSAE J1939 proprietary, 250 Kbits/second
LEDs3 green LEDs, 1 red LED, 1 blue LED, and 2 yellow LEDs
Protection• Internal thermal fuse (2500mA on pin 1 of 12-pin connector) • Reverse voltage protection (pins 1 and 12 of 12-pin connector) • CAN buses protected to 24V • ESD voltage protected to SAE J1113 specification for heavy duty trucks (24V) • Transient voltage protected to SAE J1113 specification for heavy duty trucks (24V) • Load dump voltage protected to SAE J1113 specification for heavy duty trucks (24V)
Dimensions (WxHxD) in inches [mm]4.630 [117.60] x 5.240 [113.10] x 1.460 [37.08]


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